Movie Reviews Via Tweets

Getcher crowdsourced movie reviews via fflick, a Web site that analyzes tweets to figure out what the masses think of the latest movies. The site’s available at http://fflick.com/.

When you first get to the site it’ll invite you to sign in via your Twitter account. You don’t have to do that if you’re not comfortable; all the features I saw worked except one (more about that in a moment.)

The front page of the site is filled with movie poster thumbnails with percentages for each one; you can choose a movie that way or search for it. I looked at The Last Exorcism because it was rated at only 15 percent. (The lower the percentage, the less positive the feedback for the movies, natch.)

Each movie has its own page with a list of tweets about it divided into several tabs: Interesting (mostly famous tweeters, this is the default), Latest, Positive, Negative,
and Friends. Friends will not appear, of course, if you’re not signed in with Twitter (and that’s the only feature I saw that didn’t work as I wasn’t signed in.) The tabs contain content that you’d about expect; negative tweets included “The Last Exorcism looks so terrible! Possibly the worst movie of the year!” (it took me a minute to find one I could include; many of the negative reviews were much more profane.) Positive tweets included “Just got out of the Last Exorcism premiere, a very intense creepy flick. Loved it.” I did notice that the positive tweets tended to be more about the trailer or looking forward to the movie, while the negative ones were from people who had just left the movie.

In addition to the tweets, movie pages also have links to showtimes and ticket data, a link to add the movie to one’s Netflix queue, etc. I also saw embedded movie trailers.

If you’re someone who likes those really in-depth reviews of movies where every nuance is dissected, this site will do you no good. Ditto for if you’re considering watching an old movie; what I saw seemed limited to current, near-current, or upcoming stuff. But if you’re thinking about going to a movie and you’re just wondering what the general consensus is, this site works fine. And some of the comments are pretty funny.

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