Morning Buzz — September 8, 2010

Congrats to WorldCat for adding its 200 millionth bibliographic record.

Boing Boing had a pointer to a cool Google Maps random teleporter called Globe Genie. I could seriously play with this all day.

Extensive: 100 Ways Google Can Make You a Better Educator.

Y’all got too much free time: Google Doodle conspiracy theories.

Adam DuVander takes a look at the state of mapping APIs.

“Using two of the planet’s largest, creative online communities — World of Warcraft gamers and Etsy artists — as their laboratory, two Indiana University Bloomington researchers hope to understand how the inner workings of such massive, networked collaborations could benefit scientists, corporations and the very IT designers who facilitated the success of the two online communities.” Full press release here. “I’M A KNIGHT ELF MOHAWK TEACOZY!”

Smart article on backing up your Google Docs.

From TechEYE: EU Releases Open Source Digital Archive.

A new Firefox 4 Beta is available.

The Open High School of Utah has released ten semesters of curriculum materials under CC BY.

Bing promotes “Mad as Hell Day”. I look at a Microsoft property espousing consumer advocacy and feel a bit odd. Good morning, Internet…

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