Morning Buzz — September 13, 2010

Ruh-Roh. Faulty metadata at Google Books?

Twitter’s going all Fashion Show. OMG I’M NOT HIP ENOUGH FOR TWITTER

Google has announced a new Family Safety Center.

The YouTube Time Machine is a super sweet idea. (Thanks Mr. K.)

GazoPa celebrates two years since launch.

The Library of Congress has put its “Fasincating Finds in Three Minutes” online.

Google SketchUp resources for children who are autistic..

Mr. Fagan has some coherent thoughts about shutting down Bloglines. Me, I just yelled a lot.

iPhone app gives access to the books in the Internet Archive.

Twitter is dropping traffic to RSS feed readers like Google Reader, but that doesn’t mean that RSS readers are dying. You can use both. Why is the Internet so focused on saying “Thus and thus is getting popular, therefore this and this is going to crumble?” Things CAN coexist. Good morning, Internet…

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