Find Pro Licenses and Permits in Connecticut

The Day had a story last week about a new free online database that finds thousands of contractors, doctors, and establishments licensed for grocery/beer in the state of Connecticut. The site is available at https://www.elicense.ct.gov.

There is a simple search but the site defaults to an advanced search where you can specify the type of license (everything from acupuncture to Wholesale Salesman), license number, name, address, city, and zip. I did a search for Lead Inspectors and found 68 of them. Results are presented in a table that shows name, address, license status, etc. Click on the Details link for more information on the license, such as when it was granted, when it expires, and whether the licensee has any past discipline or pending charges. Note that this database shows both active and inactive licenses — I saw a lot of inactives for this category.

In addition to the license lookup the site also has a Generate Rosters feature. Pick a category — agriculture, health care, real estate, etc. — and then pick a subcategory of practitioner. The site will give you the option to download contact information for licensees in that category. Cost? Nothing. If I were a service-based company in Connecticut and wondering how to get started with my (postal mail) direct marketing I’d be jumping all over this site.

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