Nebraska State Historical Society Puts Native American Collection Online

The Nebraska State Historical Society recently announced that it has put is collection of over 2,400 Native American artifacts online. It’s almost complete and available at http://pastperfect.nebraskahistory.org/unicgi/mwebuni.exe?request=ks.

I did a search for Lakota and got 276 records; when I refined that to just records with images I got 245. Results are presented with thumbnail image and item name. If you click on the image you’ll get a larger version, but I encourage you to click on the purple arrow icon instead; that’ll give you a lot more information. Information on an item detail page includes object name, thorough description, dimensions, material, and history.

Some items had additional images to show detail, like this closeup from a beaded dress.

There’s a lot to see here — do a search for Native American if you just want to browse for what’s available — but I found some collection highlights by doing individual searches for quillwork and beadwork.

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