Morning Buzz — September 16, 2010

Microsoft has released a beta of Internet Explorer 9.

Meanwhile, the Firefox 4 beta got a couple of tweaks.

Speaking of great free online music, the Southern Folklife Collection has two new radio streams.

The Google Prediction API has some new features.

The LOC has published the 2010 National Book Festival Schedule.

Bing is now the number 2 search engine (as opposed to Yahoo.)

From Open Culture: Together, Oxford University and King’s College London are leading a three year effort to unite in one digital archive the surviving manuscripts of Jane Austen’s fiction.

I like the idea of Trailmeme. It would certainly help in writing tutorials.

News from the National Archives, UK: “The Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books, 1802-1849, are launched online today, making accessible the incarceration records of almost 200,000 convicts who were imprisoned on giant floating jails known as ‘prison hulks’.”.

Doing US retail sales research with Wolfram|Alpha. Good morning, Internet…

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