Morning Buzz — September 22, 2010

Digital archive about air raids in Japan during World War II will be launched in late November.

Congratulations to the Lowcountry Digital Library for the recent upload of its 30,000th image.

Indiana residents have a new option to find their government representatives.

Nifty video from Berkeley: How digital books are made.

Cuil is apparently dead. Kind of surprising as I wrote about it only last April. But as I noted then, Cuil had “Teoma Syndrome” — an on-launch comparison to Google that it made it difficult for it to a) evolve or b) live up to user expectations. Put simply, it didn’t have time to be terrible. RIP Cuil.

Press release: Adobe Launches Museum of Digital Media. I am breathlessly looking forward to the Museum of Flash Vulnerabilities.

The original Utah constitution has been digitized and is available for Web viewing.

Poet Anne Finch will be getting a digital archive.

From China Daily: “A 3D virtual reconstruction of Yuanmingyuan, or the Old Summer Palace, enables visitors to see what it looked like before it fell to ruin…”

Jane Goodall now has an online archive.

Congrats to Flickr; its online archive now has five billion photos. Good morning, Internet…

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