Morning Buzz — September 29, 2010

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: digitizing the personal library.

Cool Tools and Boing Boing Team Up. LOVELY.

Google Maps has a revamped photo layer.

I’m mentioning the press release about the Volly service because I can’t read its name without adding “Get your adverbs here.”

Apparently I missed Ask a Stupid Question Day. Dagnabit.

Amazon launches Kindle for the Web. I like the idea of embedding free sample chapters.

Google has announced new tools for reviewing document history revisions.

OpenOffice has broken away from Oracle and is now LibreOffice. OpenOffice has been my document/spreadsheet wrangler of choice for about three years now, and I’m very excited to see this.

Congrats to the Internet Archive for the scanning of its one millionth book. Good morning, Internet…

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