Public Schools Database for Ohio

The Dayton Business Journal has launched a database of public schools in Ohio. The database contains information on over 3600 schools and is available here (it’s a Caspio database and the URL is sloppy.)

You can search by building name (first letter), school type, district name, county, designation (excellent, academic emergency, etc.) or performance index score for 2009-2010. I searched for building names beginning with M and got 315 results. Results were presented in a table that showed all the details up front — school name, designation, Mean ACT/SAT Score for 2008-09 (when relevant), etc. — but each school also has a details link.

The details link takes you to a page of more information, including full school street address, number of students enrolled, and attendance rate. There’s also data on student reading, writing, math, science, and social studies levels.

This site is a quick and easy browse for Ohio school information, but if you want a more extensive search (or schools outside Ohio) check out the school search engine at the Department of Education or the search engine at GreatSchools.

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