Morning Buzz — October 4, 2010

Hat tip to Library Stuff: Audio Recordings of US History Fading Fast.

Google has announced a gallery of Android phones.

From NIH News: “The National Institutes of Health today announces the launch of a new resource, called the Database of Genomic Structural Variation, or dbVar, to help scientists understand how differences in DNA contribute to human health and disease.”.

More Yahoo executives are leaving.

Here’s a quick roundup of YouTube news.

Woo-hoo! It’s a release candidate for Ubuntu 10.10!

The Internet Archive wraps up Banned Books Week.

From the W|A blog: Talk to Wolfram|Alpha in TeX.

I don’t want Google search before I ask. The substituted searches now are bad enough…

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore yearbook collection has gone digital. Good morning, Internet…

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