Morning Buzz — October 7, 2010

Oregon has a new tool: find out what different hospitals are charging for medical procedures.

xkcd has updated its map of online communities. It is awesome. Especially the “Plains of Awkwardly Public Family Interactions.”

Hmm. Looking back at Cluetrain.

Wondering how digital archives are made? Here’s the first of a blog post series.

The EPA has launched a database of bed bug pesticides.

Anil Dash: The origin of the one line bio. Now if there was just some kind of standard structure so we could search for them…

After being fairly quiet since July, the SepiaTown blog has suddenly started updating a lot. Yay!

Twitter. Now up to one billion queries a day.

Wow: Cemeteries of Middlesex County, Connecticut.

Bing and Firefox, Sittin’ in a tree.

Dartmouth has joined the HathiTrust.

The College of William and Mary student yearbook, digitized back to 1899.

Heh! RSS in the Olden Days.

Last December I covered a directory of water-related recreation called I just got a note from them telling me the site has been updated with lots of enhancements and is now up to over 21,000 listings. Once again it’s too cold to appreciate in my neck of the woods, but you might want to check it out.

Zoho press release: “Zoho Adds Reports, Scheduling to Zoho Creator”.

There’s instant everything else, Why not Instant LinkedIn? Good morning, Internet…

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