Portal for Smart Grid Information

Virginia Tech released its full version of the SGIC — Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse — on September 30th. The site has information on more than 200 smart grid projects in the US and over 50 outside the US. It’s available at http://www.sgiclearinghouse.org/.

And it really is a clearinghouse; the site includes basic information about smart grids, notes on standards, technologies, and security, and a very large number of use cases. You can find the projects via a map and a list.

I checked out smart grid projects in Ohio and got five results that included project name, location,and lead organization. Clicking on the project name shows you a window overlay with details about the project. There’s a map, project summary, and external link. Many of the external links I saw were for SmartGrid.gov. One of the projects I looked at had more links as references to external resources.

A separate part of the site gives information on non-US projects, but it’s fairly limited. Africa has one project listed, for example, with seven in Asia.

I got more out of this site when I also went and browsed Smartgrid.gov; that site has a history of the electric power industry that helped me understand a few things. But both sites have a lot of information.

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