Morning Buzz — October 25, 2010

From WebCPA: “IRS Offers Income Statistics Going Back to 1916”.

Hey! The first all-digital textbook will be free.

More from Wired: Donald Rumsfeld is gettin’ his social media on.

That New York History Blog has plenty of great stuff: “Historic Civil War Coastal Survey Documents Online”.

Firefox has some security updates available.

Over 30,000 hours of oil spill videos in one site.

VERY nice: The history of search engines in infographic.

Flickr has added more awesome jazz photographs.

Speaking of imagery, Google has added more historical imagery to Google Earth.

Are you a keyboard snob? You will love this post from Coding Horror. I love me a clicky keyboard!

Google talks about its stronger privacy controls. I appreciate this post but where was it, like, last May?

Kee Malesky, NPR Super Librarian, has written a book. You GO Kee!

Amazon Web Services has introduced a free tier.

Is New Jersey going to get more online budget data? Good morning, Internet…

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