Royal Society Digital Archive Free Until November 30

A big thanks to Criss Library for the pointer to the news about the Royal Society Digital Archive, which is celebrating the 350th anniversary year of the Royal Society by making its archive contents free until November 30th. The archive goes back to 1665 (!!) and contains over 66,000 articles.

The Royal Society: “The Royal Society is a fellowship of 1400 outstanding individuals who represent all areas of science, engineering and medicine and who form a global scientific network of the highest calibre. It exists to expand knowledge, support science and guide policy in the UK, the Commonwealth and all over the world.” (from its Web site.)

The Digital Archive: several journals, including Biology Letters, Interface Focus, and Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

I did a search for amphibian and got 797 results.

The results have title, journal information, and a little context. An abstract is just a click away but so is the entire article, available either as plain text or as a PDF. (The PDF did seem to take a little extra time to load.) There was no registration required to access the material.

As I noted, this archive is free only until November 30, so if you want to take advantage better hurry up…

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