Morning Buzz — November 2, 2010

From Search Engine Land: Avvo has added doctor ratings.

Scoble cracks me up: Dear Lars, next time don’t stop doing that weird drug

There’s a new Web site for answering questions via short videos. I can imagine using this with mini screencasts.

Google has launched an API console.

WordPress now offers Foodpress, an aggregator for food-related posts across the network. (Hmm, a Blekko problem. Blekko has apparently not yet indexed, so I can’t add it to my slashtags. There’s no easy way to submit it as an URL, or flag it for noting when Blekko has indexed it.)

Interesting: The evolution of texting culture.

Apparently there’s a lot of politics around OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

Google Street View launches in Germany.

From EFF: “The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed suit against three agencies of the Department of Justice (DOJ) today, demanding records about problems or limitations that hamper electronic surveillance and potentially justify or undermine the Administration’s new calls for expanded surveillance powers.”

Speaking of lawsuits, Google is also suing the government. The lawsuit was about a RFQ that stated any solution had to be part of the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite. I’d love to see an RFQ that stated any solution had to be built with open source tools…

Endangered languages to endure on YouTube.

From The Atlantic: Inside the Google Books Algorithm.

Terrific news from Rice University: Connexions e-books available on iTunes U. 18 titles are available. Good morning, Internet…

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