Morning Buzz — November 9, 2010

Um, okay. A new crowdsourcing Web site to track roadkill on I-90.

Aside from the first paragraph, I very much like this article: How to use Blekko to Rock at Your Job. Blekko is popping into my mind a lot. I’m finding it more immediately useful than I did Wolfram|Alpha, but over a year later I seriously grok W|A and use it a lot.

The VA has launched its first official blog. “The blog, called VAntage Point, will be edited by VA’s Director of New Media Brandon Friedman. The blog will launch with two primary features: a main column of articles written each day by VA staff and a section comprised of guest pieces submitted by other stakeholders including employees and the public.”

Interesting: “HHS Offers New Tool for Medical School Students to Learn, Detect Medicare Fraud”.

I knew Facebook was missing an item on its Big Time Company checklist: a patent lawsuit!

Speaking of Facebook… a new tool to avoid drunk Facebooking.

Firefox has a new anti-Firesheep add-on.

Sooner than I would have expected: eInk is now in color.

German houses on Google Streetview: only selectively blurred?

Pulp Sci-Fi Book Covers, Scanned Daily. Good morning, Internet…

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