New Template Offerings from Kevin Savetz

Kevin Savetz, about whom I have written about before, has a couple new services I wanted to put on your radar.

The first is http://www.apologyletters.net/, which offers over three dozen different apology letter templates. Templates include apologies for various behaviors (being late, not attending an event, shoplifting (!!), etc), apologies to various people (boyfriends, girlfriends, judge (!!), etc.) and apology letters for businesses. The letters come in a plain text format with template information in bold, but you can also download them in Google Doc format.

Assuming you don’t need a letter of apology to the court, you might find Cut Files more interesting. Cut Files, at http://cutfiles.net/, offers 150 SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files for download and use with SVG-compatible personal die-cutting machines that cut paper into shapes. (I didn’t know anything about personal die-cutting machines, but I got a good overview of them here.)

The shapes available here are set out in a blog format. Categories include animals, babies, pirates, music, toys, wedding, and food. Each image has a display sample and a SVG file available for download. The files are free but Cut Files does have a terms of use (no commercial use, no reselling the designs, etc.) Kevin does intend to add more files over time and is planning a newsletter.

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