Morning Buzz — November 11, 2010

Google Voice Search for underrepresented languages.

A new Web site for cold cases in Costa Mesa.

Music book publisher Mel Bay has launched a new e-book catalog. Over 1000 titles in PDF format.

Wow! A really impressive Google Earth flight simulator.

Zagat has launched a Food Truck Finder.

NICE. A Google custom search engine for Canadian Law Blogs.

Congratulations to Blekko, 30000 slashtags in its first week.

Groggle wrangles with Google, becomes Drinkle.

Ah, nostalgia. The ten most incredible Google Bombs.

A database of public bathrooms in Canada.

Hotmail is going to full HTTPS.

The FTC has stopped looking into Google’s WiFi data collection. Now it’s the FCC’s turn.

Veterans, thank you. Good morning, Internet…

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