Morning Buzz — November 15, 2010

Residents of Queensland (Australia) now have access to a new database of water-wise plants.

Plot out a walk or a bike or a run with Google Maps.

From Search Engine Land: More Yahoo Layoffs Coming Soon?

In case you were wondering: the technology inside the Google self-driving cars.

The “Lost Boys of Sudan” records have been digitized and are now searchable online.

Residents of Ohio can now apply online for food stamps and Medicaid.

An inside look at rebuilding Yahoo! News. Though I wish they hadn’t taken away the URL. I used it for literally years.

Lifehacker reviews an eBay search engine.

Here’s your specialized database: The Veto history of Minnesota governors.

Hey, I like it! Using Blekko to search across thousands of library sites.

Dickinson and Harvard, teaming up to digitize the Theodore Roosevelt Collection.

Google has added NHL stores to real-time search results.

From Smashing Apps: Search engines for finding icons.

Dex One is shutting down

7 Search Engines Google Obliterated. I don’t agree at all that Google was responsible for the obliteration of all these search engines (IMHO Excite bland-portaled itself to death; AltaVista changed its search rules too often and got too eager to jam up its results with banner ads) but it’s an interesting stroll down memory lane.

Woodrow Wilson fans! “The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library recently added a digital collection of 800-plus documents from the first year of Wilson’s presidency.”.

I think I would put this at the top of items I would not order online: live Christmas trees. Good morning, Internet…

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