Morning Buzz — November 16, 2010

More goodness from John Warren: Images of Rural New York.

Hat tip to UConn: “Elsevier Releases Image Search; New SciVerse ScienceDirect Feature Enables Researchers to Quickly Find Reliable Visual Content”.

Lots of people watching YouTube: the video site has passed two billion viewing sessions. I gotta confess, though: at least half of those were me watching that video of the cat letting water run over its head. Oh, and the laughing baby.

From yesterday’s Business Wire: “The Alabama Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division, today announces the launch of the Current Title and Registration Record Search Application…”.

Not content to just shorten one link at a time, will now bundle links.

From CBS Los Angeles: “Google is working on a new computer chip and software upgrade that the company believes will eventually enable mobile phones to replace credit cards.”.

Apple is apparently going to sell Beatles music on iTunes.

Oo la la! Google getting into online fashion?

Facebook’s record on privacy issues makes me feel kind of icky about this news: “From the decline in affection of one relationship to the growing warmth of another, Facebook users will soon be able to chart their entire conversation history with friends, family and lovers using the company’s new communication system.”

Yahoo has launched the Yahoo Contributor Network.

….aaaaaand the state of Nebraska has published its top tax delinquents online. Good morning, Internet…

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