Morning Buzz — November 22, 2010

My current favorite itty-bitty digital collection: Wagons of Milwaukee Businesses. LOVE.

Google and Bing both got slightly expanded shares of the search market. I wonder when Ask is coming off the measurement list?

Here’s a nifty little tool when you need a creative trigger for writing: Oneword.

Another useful site from the good folks at Download Squad: Online Egg Timer. 3 timers, no waiting.

Rumors: is Groupon going to get bought by Google?

Matt Cutts: What would you do if you were CEO of Google? Well, speaking personally, I would annex the Sudetenland. (Monty Python joke.)

Hmm. I didn’t know about this online source for DAR research.

YouTube wishes a happy first birthday to its automatic captioning feature.

I hope this is successful: “… the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recently launched an effort to create a virtual exhibit of every one of Vietnam’s 40,000 cultural relics. It’s expected to take five years.

Hey, I didn’t know Google Voice had call recording features. (They are somewhat limited.)

The JFK Library is planning a digital archive for early 2011. Good morning, Internet…

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