Database of Radio Promotions and Competitions

Radio creatives, do I have a database for you. Radio Ideas Bank was launched recently with information on hundreds of what it describes as “contests, promotions, and stunts.” You can access it at http://www.radioideasbank.com/. It is a subscription service, but the folks behind Radio Ideas Bank were kind enough to give me access for a test drive.

There’s a list of quick search terms (business, retails, children, events, text, etc) in a list, but you can also do a full keyword search. I did a search for holiday and got over 30 results. Results included the name of the promotion and a brief description. The promotions had names that were intriguing, to say the least, and included “LUCKY TOOTHBRUSHES,” “PHANTOM FIVER FLINGER,” “ROCK, SHOP AND RELAX,” and “BRIEFCASE BONANZA”.

Now, the brief description tells you almost nothing. To download the full article, you need to use a credit. The article stays in your account for two weeks.

For Rock, Shop, and Relax the information in the article includes target market, objectives, overview, mechanics, and summary. The contest is described thoroughly along with some ways you can tease and promote it. Sometimes the contests are very specific — play x, y, and z, and award a, b, and c. Sometimes they’re more open-ended — invite people to do x, structure a contest possibly like y, and award z.

There’s no pricing information on the site — you have to use the contact page on the site to get in touch with one of the Radio Ideas Bank operators — but the searches I did showed a lot of content here. A pretty specific database, but useful for creatives or even event coordinators/marketing folks.

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