Morning Buzz — November 24, 2010

Microsoft has released a beta update for Internet Explorer 9.

More Google lawsuits: “Keith Dunbar of Bowie County, Texas, claims that emails he sent from a non-Gmail service to Gmail users were scanned by Google algorithms without his consent.”

WikiLeaks is teasing an extremely large document release.

Hey Hey! It’s Opera 11! And it’s in beta! I like the idea of tab stacking.

Facebook is testing a search syntax — for photos.

Google LatLong: Smarter Street View navigation.

3-D Photos Automatically? “Computer scientists have invented a technique that automatically creates 3-D models of landmarks and geographical locations, using ordinary two-dimensional pictures available through Internet photo sharing sites like Flickr.”.

New search engine Blekko has teamed up with DuckDuckGo.

Congratulations to Akismet for blocking 20 billion spam comments. Good morning, Internet…

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