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Morning Buzz — December 6, 2010

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is going to put a database of product safety reports online. I suppose this is in addition to the current online safety information — the CPSC already has excellent RSS feeds for recalled items.

The EU on Google:

@Dude, where’s my car? Seattle police are now tweeting stolen car alerts.

The Federal Reserve, all transparent and stuff: “The Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday posted detailed information on its public website about more than 21,000 individual credit and other transactions conducted to stabilize markets during the recent financial crisis, restore the flow of credit to American families and businesses, and support economic recovery and job creation in the aftermath of the crisis.”

From Eastman’s, an overview of a new online listing of London cemetery information.

A new centralized archive is coming up in New Zealand.

FamilySearch has announced some new indexing projects.

Danny explains it all: Searching The Wikileaks Cablegate Archives With Cablesearch.

I like the idea of a search engine that looks for patterns and “predicts the future,” (you can get an overview here) but I predict I can’t afford $149 a month…

Do you teach distance courses? I really liked the tips and overview in this article.

And now, the 70 online databases that define our planet. Good morning, Internet…

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1 Comment on Morning Buzz — December 6, 2010

  1. Thank you for the CPSC item, I went to the Web site and online newspaper.. and added an item to my blog., debuting in Spring 2011, will be interactive. It will allow for consumer input, for example.

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