Morning Buzz — December 13, 2010

There’s a new database to rate the energy efficiency of ships.

A look at the Google Groups revamp.

Yahoo’s got a new version of Yahoo Local… but it’s in limited beta.

A bee vision database — and they called it FReD.

Rwanda to unveil a genocide archive.

Wow! Go CERN! “CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research that is home to the Large Hadron Collider and birthplace of the web, has released its book catalog into the public domain using the CC0 public domain dedication.”.

Ouch. A very serious data leak in Colorado.

Google Voice is inviting you to get a call from Santa.

Facebook has added more privacy controls to mobile.

NASA selling PCs without wiping them first? Good grief, NASA.

Google Maps, now with street view in Romania.

Exciting news out of Canada: “Within the next seven years, Library and Archives Canada will put most of its services online, transforming the country’s leading memory institution into a fully engaged digital organization, just in time to celebrate Confederation’s 150th anniversary in 2017.” Good morning, Internet…

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