Morning Buzz — December 15, 2010

A new collection of rural Vermont photos from the early 20th century is going online.

Nebraska residents, a new resource covering your state’s public schools is now available.

From “Jazz lovers itching to know more about their favorite music could soon benefit from a digital encyclopedia of information far more extensive than a CD’s liner notes and better pulled together than the far-flung tidbits of information that web searches yield.”

YouTube is allowing some users to upload longer videos.

2010 is coming to an end, and here come the Zeitgeists.

Looks interesting: “An extraordinary insight into almost a century of UK construction industry history is being made available through a new online archive of research and guidance publications.”.

In MY day we just had pictures! In books! Feh! Get off my lawn! “The Cell library is an easily accessible public resource database of images, videos and animations of cells from a variety of organisms.”

Uh-oh. Is Yahoo getting ready to do staff cuts?

Google invests in a car-sharing service. Wait, what?

Google has launched, which a collection of videos designed to teach your parents how to use their computer and the Internet more effectively. Of course, many of the videos aren’t useful for my Mom because she uses Ubuntu (woot!) Good morning, Internet…

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