Morning Buzz — December 20, 2010

What a great idea! CU Database of Negative Results.

Florida State Library and Archives: now on Flickr! Some very cute Santa pictures here.

The Google Translate tool has upgraded its audio.

“The German National Library, Oxford University and Europeana have signed an agreement to digitise family papers and memorabilia from the First World War to create an online archive about the people involved in the conflict.”

Anna Patterson is back at Google after the demise of Cuil.

A (mostly) loving Goodbye to AltaVista. Whenever I hear someone talking about how great Google is and how no other site will ever challenge it EVER, I remember the lessons of AltaVista. And Excite. And HotBot. And Lycos. And the WWWWorm…

Google has beefed up its site malware warning.

Mechanical Turk: spam factory?

More lovely Wisconsin: postcards of Oshkosh. (B’gosh.)

Hey! Opera goes all the way to 11!

Less than two weeks before Christmas, Yahoo cut 600 jobs.

New Mexico has a new Web site for state records.

WordPress 3.1, now in Beta 2 version.

I admit that hearing Yahoo was going to shut down Delicious upset me a lot. Then Yahoo posted a public rebuke about the press coverage of Yahoo’s property closures. Danny Sullivan responded with an articulate bodyslam. Now an ex-Yahoo guy chimes in with his thoughts: he doesn’t think Delicious is an easy sale, unfortunately. I’m sad. Good morning, Internet…

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