Records of Children’s Hospital Treatment, 1883-1903

There’s a new a Web site of records that chronicle the treatment of children at the Glasgow Hospital for Sick Children from 1883 to 1903. The site is part of the Historic Hospital Admission Records Project and is available at http://hharp.org/.

The site now has about 120,000 records, of which the recently-added Glasgow Hospital records are one-tenth. At the front page you can do a first and last name search as well as a year of birth (exact or a range). I did a search for John Smith, no birth date. I got 60 results, of which 20 were available (all are available if I register/log in. Registration is free.) Search results include admission date, age, name, health issue, registration district, and the institution (the key for registration abbreviation is available at the top of the search results.) Some search results had case notes associated with them but you have to be logged in to view those.

I took a look at an 8-year-old John Smith who was admitted with rheumatism. The details page included personal details, details about the admission and length of stay, information about the health issue, admission date, and the outcome (in this case cured.) If you’re logged in and can view the case notes, they’re viewable page-by-page on the site or which can be downloaded as a single PDF file.

For more background on the records behind this site, check the About page, but also take a look at the Academic Resources page, which will give you pointers to some historical context, and the extensive and fairly well-annotated Links List.

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