University of Texas at Austin Launches History Site

The University of Texas at Austin announced Monday the launch of Not Even Past, a Web site devoted to history at http://www.notevenpast.org/. (The name of the site is from a Faulkner quote, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”) The site is for short articles on all aspects of history.

There are several sections to explore. Read takes you to recommended books about particular aspects of history, while Watch recommends movies. There are also sections for discovery (at the moment, images and texts) listening to historical recordings, and a Texas-specific section.

The site also offers virtual courses. There are three being offered this semester, each taught by a faculty member in the Department of History at the University of Texas at Austin. (You’ll have to register on the site to sign up.) Not Even Past also has podcasts, but only a couple at this point.

It’s plain to see that this resource has just launched — there’s not much in the way of archives yet — but if it keeps up with the virtual courses and multimedia content it’s going to be a terrific site. Wish I could find the RSS feeds, though.

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