Morning Buzz — February 7, 2011

This is good news: “A Google executive who has been missing in Egypt for over a week is set to be released Monday, according to family members and friends who say they’ve been contacted by Egyptian authorities.”

In progress: a digital archive of Cuban oral histories.

Old Law. “A Lauderdale County Circuit Court record book, covering the years 1843-50, has been digitized for viewing via the Internet.”.

A new search engine is in development which will index patient-written content from online forums. “PERSEUS, funded by the National Science Foundation and a Google Research Award, will allow users to take advantage of filters to provide the accurate information they seek from established online forums…” Looks like it won’t be available for 2-3 years though.

Yahoo launches AdLabs (press release). “With the launch of AdLabs, Yahoo! also released the latest results of its breakthrough, multi-part study of online advertising in the retail industry, that uses a controlled experiment conducted at unprecedented scale to quantify the effects of one of the most important new levers available to online marketers in 2011, hyperlocal ad targeting.”

You can now search the Android Marketplace from the Web.

From Sunlight Labs: New Hampshire has opened its legislative data.

If you were wondering why all the commercials called it “The Big Game,” check this out. Good morning, Internet…

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