Morning Buzz — February 14, 2011

The BBC will be archiving its programs, but cautiously: “By concentrating on educational, arts and knowledge-building content – with low or no commercial appeal – the BBC hopes to avoid confrontation with the private sector.” Details here.

New guide to local activities in the San Francisco Bay area.

The New York Times has published a bestsellers list that includes eBooks.

This’ll come in handy: “Exposure analyses DNS traffic and looks for clues to malicious behaviour, such as domains that suddenly appear before disappearing shortly after attacks, or domain names containing lots of numbers and few meaningful words…”

MapQuest has launched pedestrian and rail transit routing.

Two step security now available for Google Accounts. I’ve been using this with Google Apps for a while. Initially I was worried about how long it would take to get the PIN on my phone, because I’ve had trouble with other verification services. But it’s almost instant. It won’t slow you down at all.

Mapping out surface quake faults by address. “The California Geological Survey on Thursday unveiled a new Internet tool that allows address-based searching for faults. In accordance with a 1972 state law, the new maps only show faults that appear on the land surface.”

Interesting: face-recognition technology with with a free REST API. Happy Valentine’s day, Internet…

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