Morning Buzz, March 14, 2011

Oneiric Ocelot? REALLY?


LinkedIn has started a news aggregation service of popular links.

Wonderful news: TED is getting an API.

The New York Times has added a recommendation feature.

Good GRIEF, Bing, how incredibly tone deaf.

I can’t afford it, but it sounds like a very cool magazine. “cyclingmobility will focus on urban planning, cycling policy, mobility research and development. Best practice examples and case studies from around the world will be shared with a highly selective readership. It will provide a comprehensive overview of the past, present and the all-important future of urban cycling mobility.”.

Want to learn Irish? Rosetta Stone is offering a free trial. is now now hangin’ on Twitter.

Blekko banning Web sites from its search engine. “Blekko announced today that it has identified 1.1 million domains as spam through the use of its new proprietary technology called AdSpam. These sites have been removed from Blekko’s search index as of today.”

Chrome 10 has added some new security features.

Photo collection: libraries in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami.

Also: Google has updated its satellite images of Japan.

Yahoo has launched a new foreign affairs blog. Good morning, Internet…

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