Morning Buzz, March 21, 2011

The Virginia Law Review has launched a new online magazine. It is described as “… a forum for scholars, judges, practitioners, and students to discuss legal issues in a more flexible and timely format than the print edition offers.”

The New York Times’ press release on its paywall. Meanwhile, Danny offers some hints for getting around the paywall. I don’t think I read enough NYT to take advantage…

The Public Interest Declassification Board has launched the “Transforming Classification” blog, at “President Obama has charged the Board with designing a more fundamental transformation of the security classification system. In response to his request, we are proposing new solutions that address the shortcomings of the current system and tackle the challenges of digital records…. Every other Wednesday over the next eight weeks, we will post either two or three “white paper” synopses to the blog describing an element of our proposed transformation.”

Arizona State University has released almost 70,000 new lunar images. Hat tip to Arizona Geology!

From the press release: “The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania announces the launch of Knowledge@Wharton High School ( ), a free, regularly updated web publication aimed at high school students and their teachers. The site, the first of its kind offered by a major university, will promote financial literacy and a deeper understanding of how business works by presenting articles, videos, learning simulations and interactive tools.”

The only thing worse than buying an Internet property and running it into the ground is buying an Internet property, running it into the ground, and then selling it at a fraction of what you originally bought it for. I fear for Flickr. Good morning, Internet…

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