Morning Buzz, March 22, 2011

I need to go take a look at the Oregon Digital Library Project. “From early maps of Lewis and Clark’s trek to the West more than 200 years ago, to photographs of sailing ships anchoring in the Columbia River in 1900, to the latest dissertations from OSU doctoral students, the information provided by the project is both scholarly and entertaining.”

Now online: an Inuit sea ice atlas.

NYC schools have banned Google images? Something about SafeSearch being broken…

Wow, even the New York Times columnists are telling readers how to get to get around the upcoming New York Times paywall. So is this really an attempt at generating revenue by the NYT or a ponderous, corporate attempt at guerrilla marketing? Are we being punk’d by the Gray Lady? (I’m kidding. I think.)

Hey hey it’s here here! A quick guide to Firefox 4.

France has fined Google for grabbing WiFi data.

Happy Birthday @Twitter. It is five.

Google has put up 1000 Google Talks videos on YouTube. Good morning, Internet…

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