Morning Buzz, March 23, 2011

Hey, Search Engine Land has a new look! Grats Danny!

“A New York court has rejected a class action settlement hammered out between Google Inc and publishers that would allow the Web search leader to scan millions of books and make them available online.”. WOW.

LinkedIn has hit the 100 million members milestone.

Google gets a patent. For Google Doodles. Okay, this is stupid.

NachoFoto is out of boto. I mean beta.

FamilySearch does a big update.

A startup has created a tool to let companies build a page for visitors who want to sign up for a private beta. And it’s in private beta. (Things getting recursive around here…)

Amazon has launched an “Appstore” for Android devices.

Fascinating! A historian is tweeting a civilian view of the Civil War. “Each tweet links to a blog that contains the full passage being cited as well as information on where to find the original documents. And all of the tweets are taken verbatim from letters, diaries, autobiographies and other records of what people thought of the conflict as it unfolded.” Good morning, Internet…

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