Morning Buzz, April 5, 2011

Goodbye AlltheWeb. Sniffle. You know what? In a completely bizarre way I miss AltaVista. And HotBot, for some reason. Maybe because HotBot’s logo fused itself onto my retinas…

New from Google: street view imagery of historic sites in Italy and France, “… including UNESCO sites in Rome, the center of Florence and stunning chateaux in the French countryside.” (Chateaux! Gesundheit!)

The state of Maine has an updated professional genealogists list.

Newly-digitized Civil War records, free for a week Starting April 7.

Google has been ordered by a Swiss court to significantly expand what it blurs. Near “sensitive facilities,” Google even has to blur clothes and skin color.

50 Years of Amnesty International posters.

Products from West Virgina forests: “The Division of Forestry and the Department of Commerce have created a new online resource that displays more than two dozen categories of forest products companies, including architectural millworks, cabinetmakers, dry kilns, firewood producers, furniture makers, moldings/millworks, rail fencing and sawmills.”

A new digital history resource for Hawaii is now available.

I so do not care about the royal wedding. But if you do, Yahoo’s got you covered. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Y’know, I am a expat limey, and I could care less about the royal wedding myself. It seemed (to me at least) like there was a time when the royal family had a pretty meaningful place in British Society, but that time has long gone.

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