Morning Buzz, May 9, 2011

Personal Note: Work has once again taken over my life, so while I’m still doing a lot of information trapping my time to write is very, very limited. I have had opportunities to put out Morning Buzzes but I was always waiting to have “enough stories”. But when I did that I ended up not sending anything out. So from now on I will just put out something every weekday unless I have absolutely nothing. So there might be some short buzzes out there. Hope y’all are well and enjoying the spring.

From The World Memory Project. “Today, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and announce the launch of the World Memory Project. The goal is to build the largest free online resource for information about victims and survivors of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution during World War II.”

Pandora now has comedy routines. I wish they had a discovery service for podcasts.

Also lovely from Ars Technica, a roundup article on how to check your bandwidth caps.

Nice! Five lazy ways to find great live music.

I like the idea of Gigwalk.

Oh, I gots to spend some time with the PBS video search

Is Google testing new search results pages? At first glance I do not like these new pages. Data about each results seems minimal and my, there’s a lot of white space, and it seems like you’ll have to do more vertical scrolling to view even ten results. The cyncical part of my brain wonders if that’s so there will be more space for sponsored ads on the right….

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched a Spanish YouTube channel.

Here’s a fun timesink: every “I’m a Mac / I’m a PC” ad in chronological order. Good morning, Internet…

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