Afternoon Buzz, May 11, 2011

Big news Monday night obviously was about Microsoft’s purchase of Skype. My employer does a lot of Skype work, and frankly ever since eBay started divesting itself of Skype I’ve been worried about the software — its stability and its functionality. I was even more worried when I heard about Microsoft’s purchase — my first thought was “Well, there goes any hope for a decent Skype experience on Ubuntu.” But this article from CNN actually alleviates my fears a little, outlining the possibilities for good uses of Skype on Microsoft properties and investments.

Google Books has a new API.

The San Diego Air & Space Museum is now on Flickr Commons.

The Film Daily archives, 1922-1929, go online. Free access.

Ruh-roh. A zero-day security flaw in Chrome? (I like Chrome but it will not be my regular browser until a) it has a NoScript plugin and b) it offers a master password. AW, C’MON GOOGLE!)

Footnote Announcement: Publishes First Digital Versions of War of 1812 Pension Application Files.

Ars Technica has an overview of the Google/Apple Congressional testimony. (Al Franken looks like he’s gonna headdesk.)

A new “Bodies in 3D” site. “Unlike Google Body, the site does not require WebGL.” GOOD!

Interesting: Reggae Report is using a Kickstarter project to try to fund a digital archive.

Speaking of — wow! If Film Threat reaches two fundraising goals, it’ll put its entire digital archive up online for free!

Nice! Google Images now allows you to sort by subject.

Unfortunately it looks like black hats are using Google Images to host malware

This use of QR codes by Little Giant Ladder Systems is really smart. “The new Little Giant QR codes are conveniently located on packaging and ladder labels to meet the needs of consumers. In the aisle of a retail store, consumers can scan the QR code on the outside of the box and view a product demo highlighting Little Giant’s versatility and innovative safety features. At home or on a jobsite, a QR code on the ladder will launch an instruction and safety video, a perfect complement to the printed instruction manual provided with each ladder.” Kudos Little Giant, and good afternoon Internet…

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