Evening Buzz, May 12, 2011

Summer is coming, and here’s an online database of music festivals.

French publishers are using Google: “Publishers Gallimard, Flammarion and Albin Michel filed suit against the Web giant on May 6 for trademark violations stemming from the unauthorized scanning of 9,797 books.”

Yale digital images now available free: “Scholars, artists and other individuals around the world will enjoy free access to online images of millions of objects housed in Yale’s museums, archives, and libraries thanks to a new “Open Access” policy that the University announced today.”

Google announces the Chromebook. Starting at $28 a month. I’m not really understanding this – I don’t know why I wouldn’t just pay $400 for a netbook and be done with it. If this was combined with some kind of data plan, however, I could really see the value.

YouTube had added thousands of movies for rental.

Google Chrome has 160 million users. And no NoScript, and no master password. Spleh.

Rawk! The The Queen of England bought an iPad! Good evening, Internet…

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