Evening Buzz, May 20, 2011

The Washington Post is offering new online courses. I was intrigued until I saw the price: $299. Really? Harvard Business Review has a ManageMentor program that includes 44 management modules that’s $399 a year. So the $299 for a single self-placed online course seems a bit high to me.

I don’t know if this is new, or new-to-me, but Ebony has put its archive online for free. It’s not complete but there’s extensive material available. has relaunched with a new site design.

A new tool to map freezing temperatures in Illinois.

Nice one from Library Journal: “The University of Michigan (UM) Library’s Copyright Office this week announced the launch of a new, HathiTrust-funded research project to identify in-copyright “orphan works” in HathiTrust’s vast digital repository.”

Ask releases a mobile app. I’m not sure I care any more. The space in my brain for Ask has been taken over by Blekko.

Announcement from Google: Expanding Google News for more variety and multimedia. But I still can’t see how many sources Google indexes in Google News. Aw, c’mon Google….

Sounds interesting: an online encyclopedia based on the future of the news. Here’s the direct link. Good evening, Internet…

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  1. “…an online encyclopedia based on the future of the news.”

    I misread that at first, but think I prefer the misreading: “…an online encyclopedia based on the news of the future.” How cool would that be?

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