Afternoon Buzz, July 31, 2011

Environmental law violators in British Columbia are now in an online database. “The free database includes a wide variety of compliance and enforcement actions taken by ministry staff and enforcement officers. It includes orders, administrative sanctions, tickets and court convictions covering hunting and fishing, open burning, mud bogging, dam safety, and pesticide and pollution violations.” (Mud bogging?)

Australian National University to launch revamped digital collection. “The Digital Collections will freely share ANU research with the rest of the world by making public over 400 theses, almost 4,000 research papers and 2,000 images.”

A new archive of Oregon historic newspapers has been launched. 180,000 pages cover 1846 to 1922.

Hardware nut? CircuitBee “is like Scribd for soldering> Very nice!

The state of Colorado is releasing a database of Colorado forest products. “The database lists businesses that use wood material derived from Colorado’s forests; many specialize in utilizing beetle-killed wood, which provides a market to help address forest health in areas impacted by bark beetles.”

Just read about this AAA guide to driving laws by state. Lots to see here!

UConn is digitizing a collection of rare Puerto Rican documents. “Library officials said Tuesday the 5,000 fragile documents they are scanning date as far back as 1844 and detail court disputes over slaves, land and livestock.”

A rumor: Vogue magazine is prepping a online digital archive.

Speaking of fashion: a visual search engine helps you put together an outfit from a picture you see online. I’ll be sure to use this if I see a jeans and t-shirt outfit I just must have… Good afternoon, Internet…

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  1. It’s good to see that they are finally able to use the beetle kill pine in Colorado… the enviros have made it difficult but the beetle kill pine makes some gorgeous furniture.

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