Morning Buzz, August 17, 2011

New Yorkers will soon have access to amusement park ride safety reports.

The University of Toledo has a new digital archive to showcase its collection of Hungarian books.

Wow, Stanford is offering three computer classes for free.

A new digital atlas is available to trace population movement during Ireland famines. “Two new digitized atlases show the levels of emigration during the Great Famine, right up until the rise of the Celtic Tiger in 2002, as well as an analysis of Ireland’s population change.”

The Australian Dress Register sounds fascinating! “The Australian Dress Register … documents significant and well provenanced men’s, women’s and children’s clothes and accessories. The register offers museums, private collectors and owners across the country, a resource to share information about dress with the wider community.”

A new search engine focuses only on Nigeria.

After browsing this wiki of over 3400 types of tomatoes, I’m craving some rye bread, mayo, and pepper. Good morning, Internet…

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