Morning Buzz, December 20, 2011

Christmas at a Boarding House, early 20th century

The LA Times is reporting that British Telecommunications is suing Google, accusing it of several counts of patent infringement. Ho ho ho! I guess it’s not the holiday season for these giant companies unless they’ve gotten a fruitcake and a lawsuit.

Speaking of Google, it announced recently some improvments to its Google+ social network.. I must admit I’m still not that into the network itself, but I’m very happy to see that Google+ business pages can now have up to 50 administrators.

I’m not interesting enough for three social networks, but Microsoft doesn’t care… it’s working on its own.

More Google News: Search Engine Land notes that you can no longer do an author search at Google News. Google appears to havce deliberately removed that syntax (wonder why?)

NEW CHAM-PEEN! Chrome 15 is now the new top browser version, though not the top browser. That achievment still belongs to Internet Explorer.

Tracking thoroughbred trainers: “The website at will allow users to browse rulings issued against Thoroughbred trainers. Users of the site can search by trainer, horse, racetrack, or racing jurisdiction, while ranges for queries can be narrowed by dates or the amount of the fine levied.”

A database of famous people in the history of the state of Washington: HistoryMakers. 300 people as of mid-August but expected to get a lot larger.

I know I’m about the last person that MC Hammer needs sticking up for him, but I found myself kind of irritated by this Government Computer News article called “10 terrible technology blunders of 2011”. The last blunder listed was the launch of WireDoo, MC Hammer’s new search engine. It hasn’t even launched yet, nor has it been extant enough to be picked on as vaporware, so what the heck? You’d think MC Hammer was trying to relaunch Cuil or something. I don’t intend to get all gussied up and go crying all over YouTube, but hey GCN, leave MC Hammer alllooonnnneeeeeee! Good morning, Internet…

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