Wyoming Newspaper Project, Complete! (Sorta)

Old School Eggnog

Cheers to Online Historical Newspapers blog for the heads-up that the Wyoming Newspaper Project is complete! The project now contains 791,764 full pages covering the years 1849-1922. There are apparently still gaps in the coverage, however, and the state of Wyoming is teaming up with the Library of Congress to scan the Wyoming newspapers in the LOC collection. Those will show up over time.

You can check out the Wyoming Newspaper Project at You can browse the offerings by city, county, year, or newspaper title, or search by keyword, concept, or pattern. Even though you can do keyword searching, you’ll find that the content is available as downloaded PDF pages, and that the pages are complete, including advertisements (which is where I got this lovely egg nog recipe.)

I did find that the site timed out a couple of times, but once I got past that both browsing and searching were really quick. What a huge timesink — I could browse these old ads all day…

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