Gardens, Yahoo, Facebook, Type-History, More: Morning Buzz, December 21, 2011

A database of public and private gardens around the world: Over 1800 listed. There’s a database of plant origins as well.

Google has added to its personalized phone call from Santa, the ability to send a personalized video. It’s a lot more personalized than I expected. Sadly, not even Santa can pronounce my name correctly but I fell out when he said “Schmoopie”. put out a press release about its top searches for 2011. (Minecraft beat by Webkinz? Really?)

Yahoo gets more integrated with Facebook. (Press release.) Hmm. Y’know, if Facebook bought Yahoo….

Speaking of Facebook, it’s going to put “Sponsored Stories” in its news feed starting next year. Ewww…

Silly: Google won’t give you walking directions to Mordor.

Wow, I love the idea of the Type Heritage Project. “The Type Heritage Project [THP] discovers and documents the histories of digital display fonts originally designed between c1800 and World War I…” Not much going on yet, though. Good morning, Internet…

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