Dept of Veterans Affairs, Ancestry, Google, More: Morning Buzz, December 22, 2011

Special Delivery

Special Delivery

The VA has announced that all of its medical centers — all 152 of ’em — are now on Facebook. You can get the full page list at has released an Android app.

Did you know there’s a database of infants who were born weighing less than 14.1 ounces? I didn’t either. The site has followup information; it’s inspiring to read how many of these children are doing well in their lives.

If you’re using Chrome, you can now read Google eBooks offline.

The California State Genealogical Alliance has announced a couple of new blogs.

A freely-available digital magazine archive: Minnesota Conservation Volunteer. 70 years’ worth in a searchable archive, individual articles or entire issues are available as PDF downloads. Good morning, Internet…

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