Google Launches Search Caption Challenge

Google Caption Challenge

Google Caption Challenge

In an effort to make sure you don’t burn up all your creativity on Star Wars snowflakes or Star Trek light display, Google has announced a search captioning challenge.

You can join the fun at Google will show you a series of cartoons depicting people and animals doing Google searches. Your job is to guess the search they’re doing and caption the cartoon.

There are already several captions here; you can scroll through the many cartoons and vote on captions already left. If you want to leave your own caption, you’ll need to log into a Google account and give Google Moderator permission to manage your submission.

I’m apparently not good at this game; I could think of smart remarks but nothing that translated well as a search. Finally I found a cartoon I could caption. A baseball umpire was searching Google while behind a plate. I tried to submit the caption “Lenscrafters coupon” (because he’s a ref and he can’t see, get it?! … I didn’t say it was a GOOD caption.) Google rejected it! I figured it might be because I used a brand name, and tried captions like “Eyeglasses,” “optometrist coupon,” etc. Google rejected them all with a warning box about appropriate content. Mmkay.

The cartoons were in a variety of styles and were on the whole pretty cute. I like the one that appears to be a pear that broke a chair. A little fun to get you into the holidays.

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