Stained Glass Windows of Wales

Robert Jones-Morris

Robert Jones-Morris

This one has been sitting in the queue for a while (I have continued checking my information traps even when I haven’t had time to write about anything) and it’s gorgeous! A story in WalesOnline alerted me about a resource cataloging stained glass windows in Wales … over 5000 photographs of about 1800 windows from 350 locations across the country.

The archive is available at You can browse by artist or location, or search by keyword. Being stained glass windows, the archive is pretty much all religous-themed; a search for angel finds 823 results. A search for grail, however, finds four. An advanced search lets you find windows by the date they were created. I found some windows going back to the 15th century.

Individual entries vary a lot. Usually there’s a picture, a link to see a larger version, and a brief history of the window and its location. On the other hand, the entry for “Christ in Majesty with St Michael and Angels” had several details about its history as well as many, many detail photographs including a detail of Robert Jones-Morris, who makes an appearance at the bottom of the window, playing the organ.

A beautiful collection of art. If you like what’s here, check out the Harry Ransom collection of medieval and early modern manuscripts, which have amazing illustrations.

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