Just in Time to Track Your Candy Cane Intake, USDA Launches SuperTracker

Yeah, like I need this considering the sweet potato pie consumption at my house. Anyway, the USDA announced yesterday the launch of SuperTracker, a site that provides nutritional information and lets you track your food intake as well as your activity. The site is available at

There are some things you can do without registering, like check out the Food-A-Pedia, with information on 8000 foods and beverages. You can also review a “General Plan” if you don’t want to provide the site with any information. But if you want to get a customized plan you have to make a profile. You provide information about your height and weight, as well as your age and activity level. If you are overweight (or underweight I suppose), SuperTracker will ask you if you want to maintain your weight or move toward a healthier weight.

Once you’ve created your profile, SuperTracker will give you a nutritional plan, which looks pretty grain heavy. Also: one slice of bread is one serving, as is one pancake. But to be fair I guess we’re talking about calories here, and not nutrition. You can also enter in your activities — ooo! And SuperTracker has a place I can put in DDR! +1 point.

In addition to tracking what you’re doing you can also track goals, track your weight and get reports on your activity. You can also get e-mails from a “virtual coach” on the site or in your e-mail (hey, how about the option to get messages via SMS? It’s easy to mind your weight sitting in front of the computer — it’s when you’re at El Chompo and the fried ice cream is calling your name…)

I quite liked the design of the site, and the tools were well-explained and easy to use. But I was surprised there was no mention of apps or mobile tools. I would love to see this as an Android/iPhone app. Did I miss it?

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