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73 Magazine

The Jefferson County Radio Amateur Club is reporting that 73 (also known as 73 Amateur Radio Today) is now available in full at the Internet archive. Direct URL at; it looks like the archive has been there for about two weeks. The magazine ran from 1960 to 2003; according to the Internet Archive there are 511 back issues available here.

If you’ve ever used the Internet archive this will look familiar to you; full magazine copies are available in a variety of formats, including online-readable, PDF, ePub, and Kindle. The issue I test downloaded was about 21MB, but the older ones from the mid-70s looked like they were over 50MB.

You can do a full-text search for the archives if you go to the Internet Archive advanced search and specify 73-Magazine as the collection to be searched. I did a search for antenna (you can use the search here to start your own search) and got over 280 results.

Steve Jobs in a 1976 copy of 73 Magazine

Steve Jobs in a 1976 copy of 73 Magazine

I don’t know too much about amateur radio, but I’m enough of a computer nerd to appreciate the diy hardware hacking and electronics articles (and the ancient advertising — the two page Altair 8800b advertisement carried me away on a wave of old-computer nostalgia.) If you get lucky you’ll also find a computing easter egg or two; an article in one of the issues I downloaded featured an article on an event called Personal Computing ’76 with a few paragraphs about (and a picture of) a 20-year-old computing guy named Steve Jobs.

The Internet Archive’s usual good work; a huge, easily-accessible collection for ham radio operators, early computer enthusiasts, and electronics hobbyists.

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